On this page, collected our plans for the near future

We plan to:

  • The next step we extend our system from Cytoscape Web to the Cytoscape.js. What will implement additional functions.

  • Advanced search functionality of the shortest path.

  • Lots of new filters for data visualization.

  • New algorithms for constructing pathways.

  • Compare datasets with different levels of gene expression - in health and in disease.

  • The analysis of microarray data.

  • Filters for pathways to various human tissue types.

  • RNAseq analysis

  • Gather information from a variety of open data on the interactions: PID, biocarta, biogrid, Bind, Pazar, Kegg, Innatedb, Intact, DIP, HPRD, Wikipathways, Mint and others. And identify in the collected data only validated interaction.

We have a lot of experimenting and often change the various functions. According to this, we regularly see errors that we fix on the fly.

Please help us to find these errors. Bug reports, suggestions and complaints feel free to write to us through the feedback form:

Last time we devote a lot of time parsing and comparison of data from different sources.


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